Support for Drupal, WordPress and Drupal Commerce sites

In order for the site to function properly, the information on it must be constantly updated. From time to time, it is necessary to carry out work to support the operation of the site on the hosting, updating the Drupal version and modules to the latest secure one, supporting e-mail, transferring the site, changing the design, etc.

We can offer a full range of services for support, updating the Drupal core and modules, administration, if necessary, restoring and refining sites, as well as site transfers and all types of complex site transfers, etc.

The cost of work depends on their complexity and in each case may be different, the time of work from several hours to constant support.

Two options are possible:

1. One-time upgrade, maintenance, restoration, migration or any other work. This option is convenient if you do not need to frequently update the site. This allows you to save money while keeping the information on the site up to date.

2. Permanent site support. In this case, on contractual terms, work is carried out to constantly update information on your site, refine the site and all the necessary work. At the same time, daily monitoring of the site's performance is carried out. The cost of such a package of services to support the site from $ 99 a month.

Works to support the site can be carried out both for Kharkov and remotely. We have extensive experience in remote site support and work with customers around the world (New York, Moscow, Kyiv, St. Petersburg, Astana, etc.), this is a common practice for us. It is possible to support several sites or entire hostings, transfer sites (complex transfer of encoded sites), restore sites.

We specialize in supporting sites on the Drupal 5, 6, 7, 8 management system and stores on Drupal Commerce, but we also support sites on other platforms - WordPress, OpenCart, etc.

If you are interested in our offers or have any questions, please contact us: tel. +38 095 151-99-98, E-mail: info, Skype: vsinyaev

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